Pathway to Serenity Client Kit


Imagine having a clear pathway that you design with the help of someone who is in your corner to ensure whatever your deepest desires are can come true.  Being able to begin your journey to healing and finding your true self with someone you can trust by your side helping you steer in the right direction.

Whatever the journey is for you to go from Codependent to being in recovery it is at your fingertips.  You get to be the driver of your life and decide what your destiny is.  When you realize you are worthy of so much more than where you are in your life right now a new power fills you and you find nothing is impossible.

Taking this step is just the beginning of what lies ahead for you. I’m proud you have made it here and know I will be with you as your personal copilot for the next three months.

What you will get when you start the Pathway to Serenity Client Kit

  • One-on-one time every week throughout the program
  • A custom plan we develop based on your needs.

You will receive service above and beyond what other programs offer

We will dial in and customize your plan as you grow on your journey to healing.

Some examples of what you might include in your plan: 

  • Ways to live a healthier lifestyle
  • A fitness plan customized to your needs
  • mindset training
  • healing work such as learning meditation or healing your inner child

And so much more depending on what you feel would benefit you the most.

In codependency healing, there is no cookie-cutter plan, as I believe though we are all on this journey together, we all find healing and recovery in our own way.

I thank you in advance for trusting me to guide you on this journey. Your Pathway to Serenity begins now!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee included

Deposit : $ 1000.00 Per item