Heal Your Inner-Child Workshop


Begin healing from codependency by taking a journey with your inner-child.

Most codependent traits start from childhood.  You learned your belief patterns from your experiences with your parents, teachers, and others around you from a very early age.  These belief patterns taught you how to act and feel inside and out.  If the patterns and beliefs you hold were not ones of love, caring, compassion and were more of yelling, abuse, addiction, or abandonment then you probably do not carry yourself as confident, uplifting, and empowered.

Imagine being able to take a journey back to visit with your little inner-child to discover how he or she is feeling.  Realizing that everything you felt growing up is something you can heal by sitting with this child and assuring him or her that everything is okay now.  That you, as an adult, are taking the steps to heal and become empowered.  That you will love, honor, and cherish this child from now on and protect him or her from the hurt they are feeling.

What you will get when you decide to take this journey with your inner-child:
  •  Live discussion about how to begin your journey in a private group setting
  • An introduction to a powerful meditation that will allow you to meet your inner-child and begin to heal
  • Free workbook with specialized worksheets to allow you to go deep into the healing process and discover what it is for you that needs to be changed to become empowered as an adult
  • Free copy of Healing From a Loved One’s Addiction – Take Back Control of Your Life; Survival Guide for Codependents by Author Kelly Craig in E-Book format




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