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When a loved one faces addiction it affects all family members not just the addict.  We become consumed by their habits, actions, and way of life. Our first priority becomes how to help them and we put their lives before our own, forgetting the most important thing of all, ourselves!

  I have personally lived through family addiction with my Mom, Dad, Brother, and even my own Son.  I have found spirituality to be my guide in healing and I will share my survival techniques with you so when the going is rough you have the inner strength and tools you need to move forward and empower yourself because, in fact, you are powerless over their addiction.

Each of us is given the gift of life and we are truly blessed to live in this amazing world.  But when our worlds’ are turned upside down it is hard to remember who we are and to love ourselves.  This survival guide is a means to assist you in healing, strengthening, and focusing on your life while detaching with love.  Your well-being is important too and your life path should be what you choose, not what they dictate through their addictive behaviors for you.

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